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The Droid From Naboo

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  Artoo_Detoo, Nov 02 2010

So not that I take poker very seriously, since I'm in grad school and just am playing like one or two HU SnGs every now and then, but today I decided to opt-in to SharkScope so I can see all my stuff. And this is what I see.

So moral of the story is that HU SnGs are much more profitable than double or nothings, and people are bad at every form of poker imaginable in these microstakes SnGs. Bet that was new insight for everyone.

Okay sorry that was wasteful but this homework is so freakin' hard and I felt like procrastinating.

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Move it
  Artoo_Detoo, Oct 19 2010

Anti-combo breaker.

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The HU 2-7 Triple Draw SnG
  Artoo_Detoo, Sep 09 2010

Hey everyone, thanks to those who weighed in on my last post, tooker, whamm, byrnesam, and K40Cheddar. I especially want to thank K40Cheddar, I tried a $2.00 + 0.20 2-7 Triple Draw Sit-and-Go just now and owned, had to come back from the brink but clearly that's mostly because it's a pretty high variance game, since as you can see from the hands I posted, my opponent was pretty dumb. I'm underrolled so I'm not sure if I want to keep going, but I'm glad I found a way to own nubs now. So thanks!

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